Internal bursaries

Bursaries are awarded to dependants of employees for both schooling and tertiary education each year in January. Employees complete an application for funding which includes the most recent results achieved by the applicant. Applications for assistance with education needs are processed in November and December each year.

External bursaries


TSiBA Education is a private provider of Higher Education in business. TSiBA offers a unique Foundation Year Certificate in Business Administration followed by an enriched Bachelor in Business Administration focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. TSiBA specifically targets scholars and potential students that would otherwise not have access to tertiary level education, by offering successful applicants full tuition scholarships.

TSiBA partners with corporate and individual funders who sponsor the operations and management of the institution. The TSiBA degree is fully registered and accredited by the Department of Education and the Council of Higher Education. This year we are funding bursaries for 10 students and they will once again be introduced to the 7 Habits for Effective College Students training.

The scholarship agreement requires students to work for Lewis for one year after completing their degree. Lewis sponsored the cycling shirts for the TSiBA Cape Town Cycle Tour Team to raise funds.

iThemba place of hope

Focus on iThemba supports and empowers children in the impoverished Valley of 1000 Hills near the suburb of Hillcrest, KZN. This is done utilising a three-pronged strategy: through quality foster care homes for vulnerable children, through their own school focused on all grades from Early Childhood Development called iThemba Academy and through their Enterprise Development Programme which uplifts crèches in the Valley.

This non-profit organization is a place of hope which aims to make a meaningful difference to young lives. Focus on iThemba aims to shape future leaders by striving for continuous improvement in education, parenting, and community upliftment. We have funded fifteen young children again this financial year.

From the beginning of 2018, the iThemba Academy children have been integrated into their new comprehensive school which now provides education to learners from Grade R to Matric.